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President's Update

AMVIC Quick Hits

If my store has an issue that's referred to the Director of Fair Trade, how do I make sure my side of the story is heard before a decision is rendered?

MDA 2023-2024 Board of Directors

The MDA's Annual General Meeting was held on May 11th, in Calgary, where our 2023-24 slate of officers and board members were elected.

MDA Membership Update

MDA Education Foundation

On behalf of Ken Zender, Chairman of the MDA Education Foundation, the MDA would like to congratulate the following apprentices from member dealerships on their recent receipt of scholarship funds from the MDA Education Foundation.

Employee Dishonesty & How to Prevent It

When running a business, preventing theft is always a top priority. So, vaults are purchased, locks are installed, and fences are built. But the threat isn't always coming from where you might think it is.

When Nature Strikes: The Importance of Business Continuity and Customer Service